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Application for Membership


If you would like to join the Civic Society of St Ives, please complete the Membership Form shown below (DOWNLOAD THE PDF AND PRINT) and send to the Civic Society of St Ives at the address on the form. Please enclose your annual subscription with your completed form - the amount required is shown below.

If you would prefer to pay by Standing Order then please download the form and return it to our Membership Secretary (DOWNLOAD THE FORM AND PRINT)

Did you know that if you pay tax to HMRC the Civic Society can claim back the tax paid on your annual subscription, so increasing the size of your donation! If you simply tick the box shown near the bottom of the form we will do the rest! If you have any queries please contact Helen Eveleigh, our Membership Secretary.

Helen Eveleigh [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]


Household Subscription £12.00 per annum    Individual Subscription £7.00 per annum


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