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Also known as STAG.
1. To promote interest in local archaeology and heritage in the St Ives area.
2. To plan and take part in activities including fieldwork, workshops, talks, and visits to further understanding the heritage and archaeology of the area, and to publish research findings.
3. To make information generated through the activities of the Group available to the authorities responsible for updating the Cambridgeshire Historic Environmental Record (CHER) and to local communities.
4. To guide and support its members in pursuits of their own archaeological projects provided STAG guidelines are followed.
Civic Voice

The Civic Voice works to make the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive.

As members of the CPRE we care passionately about our countryside and campaign for it to be protected and enhanced for the benefit of everyone.

The Cambridge Antiquarian Society

The Cambridge Antiquarian Society was founded in 1840 to provide access for local people to the local history, architecture and archaeology of Cambridgeshire.

The Society publishes The Conduit, every September, an indispensable guide to Cambridgeshire’s local history and archaeology organisations, societies, events and lectures. The latest version can be read here (PDF).